Module Maker's Journal #1

This is my first Module Maker entry. What I will do here is talk about the progress of the Neverwinter Nights (NWN) game module that I'm currently working on. The title of my NWN game module is Heroes and Renegades. I wrote the story, and created the world, myself so don't expect something great, I'm an amateur.

I just started creating this module two days ago, and this is my second module. My first module was actually crap, so I scrapped it. The first one was almost impossible to finish because it was big and very ambitious. It was too much for an amatuer modder like me. But now that I know the mistakes I made with my first one, I plan to keep my second mod sweet and simple.

Anyways, I've already started writing some bullet points, the plots and characters for the story of my module. World creation is easy and something that I love because you can simply bend and twists the laws and rules, of a world, according to your will. Character creation is probably much harder because I want my characters to be at least believable and with different personalities, beliefs, and culture. So it is quite a challenge.

As of now, I've already started working on the areas for the prologue of the story. The characters for the prologue are all done, and two dialogues for the characters are finished as well. Here's a screenshot of what I've accomplished so far.

That's it for now. Keep coming back for more updates. Maybe, in a week or two, I'll upload a small demo.


First Entry

Welcome to my blog. Anyways, this is my first blog, or any type of journal. So I don't know what else to put in here other than music and PC gaming.

Mostly, in this blog, I'll just talk about the progression of my Neverwinter Nights game module, The Chronicles of Mysartheron. Also, I'll probably post some reviews in music or PC games.

So I invite you to stop by, from time to time, to read my posts.