NWN Modules: Premium Vs. Fanmade

Nothing much for me lately. I'm busy at the clinicals and at school. So it cut down a lot of my gaming time. Recently, I've been playing NWN modules, both premium and fanmade.

I have three premium modules right now (Kingmaker, Witch's Wake and ShadowGuard). Kingmaker is an excellent module. Nice voice acting, good story, well written, and it shows what the Aurora Toolset is capable of. However, two of the modules (Witch's Wake and ShadowGuard), have minimal voice overs and the story abruptly ended, or is it unfinished? It really disappointed me because I didn't get the "premium" module (a module that has a finished story and full voice acting) that I was expecting.

Meanwhile, there are many fanmade modules out there that have good story and are well written (Especially modules from Stefan Gagne and Kevin Chan). Yes, they don't have the luxury of having voice actors to do the voice overs. But the modules are free. Free is always good.

So, I suggest, while we wait for Neverwinter Nights 2 to come out, download a lot of fanmade modules and skip the "premium" modules BioWare (the ungrateful developer who has forgotten their PC followers) has been dishing out lately.