Hiatus and the Big List

For the next two weeks, I'm going to stay away from my computer and any other electronic devices (except for my cellphone). Hence, no blog updates until then.

I'm not doing this because of Lent, however. I don't believe that sacrificing what I love to do (gaming, listening to music) will save me a seat in heaven. Besides, Lent is almost over. The reason why I'm doing this is that I want to finish reading my back logs. I still have 17 books and graphic novels on my "unread items" list. I need to start crossing out some stuff on that list, and fast.

Also, when I get back from my hiatus, I'm going to start a list. The list will be similar to the "Best of [insert year here]" that I do annually. Except this is going to be bigger. Yeah, I will compile all of the things that I love in the past decade (2000 - 2009). I will also include other things like comics, anime and TV, not just games, music, books and movies. I know it's late but I love doing lists.

So, until then. Have fun in the next 2 weeks.


High on Blackjazz

As if The Dillinger Escape Plan's new album, Option Paralysis, isn't enough to blast beat the hell out of me, I found more metal releases that will give my eardrum a good pounding this month. First is High On Fire's new album, Snakes For The Divine. Then I also discovered an excellent band that calls themselves Shining.

High On Fire

"Frost Hammer"

High On Fire is a metal band from Oakland, California. I was enamored by their album Death Is This Communion back in 2007. Their new album, Snakes For The Divine, is a worthy follow up to that. The album got me right off the start. It just grabbed my head and flailed me around my room, from first track to the last. The music is just fast, loud and sludgy the way I like it to be. Definitely a great doom-metal album.



I didn't know who Shining were. I only got curious about them when I heard that: a) they're a metal band who have a saxophonist, b) they covered a King Crimson song and c) the title of their album is Blackjazz. When you put all those three together it just adds up that this band is dabbling with jazz and metal, kinda like Cynic. Except that Shining don't sound like Cynic. They're more messed up: louder, crazier and more experimental. I fucking love it! So far, Blackjazz is the best metal album I've heard this year.

March madness is indeed metal madness. I mean, I got three great metal albums to listen to this month. I'd definitely hurt my neck from banging my head so hard with all this.

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Her & Me (Zooey and I), In The Sun

The duo She & Him, composed of the multi-talented Zooey Deschanel (She, who also played Summer Finn in the film (500) Days of Summer) and singer/songwriter M. Ward (Him), just released their latest album, Volume Two. I just saw the video for their first single "In The Sun" over at YouTube, and I'm sharing it here. Watch.

It's adorable and sunny, no? The video is like "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and "Grease" rolled into one. If this was released two months earlier, it would've been enough to dispel the winter gloom here in Chicagoland.

Although, while the music is fun, it's not really my cup of tea. What I do like, however, are dark-haired and bright eyed chicks (which I have established in this post here and here) like Zooey Deschanel. She was the only reason I bought their first album, and she will be the reason why I'll buy their sophomore album as well.

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