Neverwinter Nights 2: Presell

Just went to visit Best Buy this morning to pick-up a copy of Muse's Black Holes and Revelations. Then I stopped by at their games section and saw a pre-order box for Neverwinter Nights 2. Yeah, I've been waiting for this game for quite some time now, and it's only a month away until its release.

Pre-order now for only $10

The pre-order box includes a feature called "Merchant's Friend" that will give your character access to unique items, and, more importantly, access to the new toolset before the game's release. I'm really excited to see features and capabilities of the new toolset. Unfortunately, they've delayed its release til Saturday. So for the meantime, I'll just write some outlines for my story and module ideas.


Flavored Water?

Today, I tried to hit all hospitals with nuclear medicine facilities, hoping to find a job. The whole endeavor felt like a death march though. I visited six hospitals, encountered many difficult obstacles -mostly in the form of cretinous sentries wearing blue uniforms- and walked about, more or less than, ten miles. It's a good thing that the weather was good and the temperature was to my liking.

Nonetheless, I'm still human and the whole ordeal made me really thirsty. So I looked for a convinient store and found a CVS Pharmacy. I walked to their line of fridges and carefully examined each one for a cold bottled water. When I finally found the fridge full of bottled water, I immediately grabbed one and ran over to the counter. While I was on my way, I read the label and found out that it was strawberry flavored. So I went to put it back and looked for my water again, but couldn't find one -amidst the line of fruit flavored, vitamin enchanced, or diluted with ecstasy water. So I asked a salesman, and he replied: "Don't you like flavored water?" After that, I simply gave up and went out the store. While my throat and tongue was dry and parched, like the pussy of a virgin in comatose.

What's next? Nutritious Bottled Morning Urine?

But that's how it is, especially here in the states. Many people dislike pure water, and they only drink the flavored ones or sodas all throughout the day. Then by the time they're forty years old, they'll go to some third world countries and solicit for people who's willing to part with their kidneys. What, because are they afraid to die? That's one reason. But I always think they're too proud and afraid to accept the responsibilties and consequences spawned by their folly.


Big Apple vs. Windy City

It has been a while since I've posted something in here. That's because I got busy...doing nothing, and I went to New York three weeks ago. New York, if compared to Chicago, it's dirtier, uglier, crowded, and less sophisticated. Though I must say that I feel more at home in the Big Apple than in the Windy City. I guess it's because of the urban sprawl, the diverse culture, and my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Anyways, I went there for two reasons: (1) my cousin's wedding and (2) look for a job.

My cousin's wedding was...stupendous, even though hurricane Ernesto was passing by and hammering me with strong winds while I was waiting for a cab -in a pinstripe suit. The reception was small and, yet, elegant (I'll just skip the formal ceremony, I hate cermonies). There were only 12 tables and probably 60 guests, more or less. The cocktail was nice, the food was good, it's open bar -the only thing that really matters-, and everybody looked good -me included, I think.

The bride, the broom, and, featuring, the arm.

As for my job hunt, New York is no better than Chicago. Nuclear Medicine is still too crowded, even there. Though I was given an impromptu interview when I handed my resume at a Brooklyn facility, Woodhull Medical Center, even though they're not currently hiring. The chief technologist of the department told me that they're gonna add a camera later this year, and they wanted a male technologist to operate it. Hopefully, they'll pick me because I really like the place. It's a new hospital, very small department, and the chief tech was a hot blonde in her late 20's.

Anyways, that's that. I really don't mind which city is better. Both places has its pros and cons. But whoever gives me a job first, then I'll pick that place. But until then, I'll just stay here in the Windy City, and eat as much deep-dish pizza and hotdogs.