Big Apple vs. Windy City

It has been a while since I've posted something in here. That's because I got busy...doing nothing, and I went to New York three weeks ago. New York, if compared to Chicago, it's dirtier, uglier, crowded, and less sophisticated. Though I must say that I feel more at home in the Big Apple than in the Windy City. I guess it's because of the urban sprawl, the diverse culture, and my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Anyways, I went there for two reasons: (1) my cousin's wedding and (2) look for a job.

My cousin's wedding was...stupendous, even though hurricane Ernesto was passing by and hammering me with strong winds while I was waiting for a cab -in a pinstripe suit. The reception was small and, yet, elegant (I'll just skip the formal ceremony, I hate cermonies). There were only 12 tables and probably 60 guests, more or less. The cocktail was nice, the food was good, it's open bar -the only thing that really matters-, and everybody looked good -me included, I think.

The bride, the broom, and, featuring, the arm.

As for my job hunt, New York is no better than Chicago. Nuclear Medicine is still too crowded, even there. Though I was given an impromptu interview when I handed my resume at a Brooklyn facility, Woodhull Medical Center, even though they're not currently hiring. The chief technologist of the department told me that they're gonna add a camera later this year, and they wanted a male technologist to operate it. Hopefully, they'll pick me because I really like the place. It's a new hospital, very small department, and the chief tech was a hot blonde in her late 20's.

Anyways, that's that. I really don't mind which city is better. Both places has its pros and cons. But whoever gives me a job first, then I'll pick that place. But until then, I'll just stay here in the Windy City, and eat as much deep-dish pizza and hotdogs.