First Impressions: Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Yesterday, I went to Best Buy to pick up my copy of Neverwinter Nights 2. Unfortunately, their stock hasn't arrived yet. So as a placeholder I got Marvel: Ultimate Alliance -since it was on sale ($30 instead of $40)- to momentarily satiate my gaming appetite.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is an excellent game as X-Men Legends II. However, I have a couple of gripes:

  1. You can't assign any skills to use for "Call Allies". So casting boosts can be really awkward.
  2. You can't customize hot keys for quick power use, making it also awkward.
  3. The removed Stat Points distribution, making character customization shallow.
  4. Characters are still unbalanced.
But other than that it's still a fun game. There are various improvements as well, most notably the graphics and new features such as Team Skills and the Outfits