Back to School?

6 more months until my education benefit, from the hospital I work at, kicks in. So I'm going to take advantage of that and go back to school. That way, If I fall in love with a beautiful doctor in the near future, I'll have my education and prestige to hold my self-esteem together. I'm not sure what to take though. But it's either Medical Technology or Pharmacy (a lot of people are suggesting that I should take Pharmacy) since I like working in a hospital but don't like to deal with too many people.

But going to a good university will cost a lot of money and time -with, or without, any education aid. I'll still have to work at least 3 days a week to maintain my benefits and, of course, for allowances. I may have to lessen, or even stop, my gaming activities in order to save time and money. But I can't live without a hobby, it'll make me a dull boy. I guess I'll just pick a new hobby that doesn't consume much time like gaming. Maybe I'll go back to playing guitar, or delve into the art of photography.