Laptop or Desktop?

I mentioned in my earlier posts that my current PC needs to be replaced, and that I might head back to college again. So, last night, I started looking at some computers (laptops and desktops) just to get an idea of how much money will I need to save. Here are some rigs that I might consider:

College Boy Set-up

Home Boy Set-up
I'm definitely going with the first option (College Boy) once my application at school is accepted. The Asus laptop seems to be packing some power. So, I'll be able to work and play with it. The second option is very cool too. Especially if you're a serious gamer. I'll get it if somehow I won't make it to college next year, or if I have enough extra money (which is unlikely).

But anyways, it seems that I need to save, more or less than, $2,500 by next year for either set up. I can also get everything at Best Buy (with the exception of the Sennheiser Headphones) which is good because I like their financing options.


RONeiluke, RN said...

hays... hindi ako oriented sa computer hardwares... hehe! i let my brother do the upgrading...


thanks for the comment :) i love sarah tancredi too. in my opinion it would've been better if sarah didn't resurface... because that would mean i was grieving for someone alive! hahaha!