Black Lagoon

I can get into anime but I'm no otaku. I only watch popular series like Naruto, and never take risks of buying obscure titles. But if I do want something obscure, I usually check the forums I frequent at and find anime threads. Last night, when I did some digging, most otakus in the forum were singing praises about Black Lagoon. So I trusted their word and bought 3 DVD volumes of the series.

Turns out those otakus were right, Black Lagoon is one explosive title. I got hooked right after watching the first episode. What I like, in particular, is its setting has a lot of grit, grime, and action prevalent in the criminal underworld society. The "girl with guns" theme is also interesting, as you'll often see nuns with guns (who also sells guns) and maids with guns. There's also a strong character diversity in the series, in which all characters comes from a different ethnicity or political affiliations. From Japanese to African-Americans, and Neo-Nazis to Islamic Fundamentalists.

Trigger Happy Revy

All in all, I enjoyed watching all 3 volumes of Black Lagoon. Unfortunately, I've only watched the first 12 episodes (it goes up to 24 episodes). So it's a bit of cliffhanger for me. I wish they'd release the next 12 episode of Black Lagoon: Second Barrage here in the States soon.