A friend of mine asked me if I can show her how to digitize her CD collection and transfer it to her mp3 player. I obliged and we got to it last night, after work. Her music was mostly electronica and, while we were working, she was listening to some of her newer CDs. I couldn't dig into it. In fact, I was quite annoyed. Although some I did appreciate. Like the new album of Portishead and Santogold.

I've heard of Portishead before, and I'm pretty sure they were trip hop. On their new album, Third, however, they don't sound like the Portishead that I knew. Their new music seems like a creepy black and white movie with lots of static, or a classical jazz gone awry.

Santogold is a new artist (I think), and she has one refreshing sound. Her music is a blend of reggae, punk, ska, pop, and electronica. It's very urban. It's like "No Doubt meets The Pixies" interesting kind of music.

I usually don't listen to electronica, or to music similar to the artists I mentioned above. So I was a bit surprised to know that I even bothered to listen to the music of Portishead and Santogold. Still, I don't like them enough to go to their concerts.