Arcanum, a Diablo clone?

I read a couple of Dungeon Siege II reviews so it might convince me to buy the game and use an almost expired gift check. When I was reading reviews, I found a rather stupid one by GamePro. It says:

"This formula may be simple, but judging by the sheer number of Diablo clones on the market, it works. PC players have Nox, Arcanum, Sacred, and most recently, Divine Divinity (what a name!)."
Arcanum was far from being a Diablo II, and I'll enumerate a few of these reasons:
  1. It has a deeper storyline and a richer gameworld that a player can discover.
  2. You can interact with people and not just kill them. Talk with them, gamble with them, or have sex with courtesans.
  3. Better skills like crafting weapons or chemicals.
  4. Diablo don't have guns.
Even Divine Divinity, although still a Diablo clone, has a better storyline and a richer gameworld than that of Diablo.


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