Character Guide: Jade Empire SE

Jade Empire: Special Edition is the game primer for me this year. However, even though it is a lot of fun, there's not much role-playing and character creation/development to it. But here it is, anyways, my character creation/development guide.

In this post, I'll feature my character Stone Demon Shen. As his name implies, he uses the White Demon martial style and the Stone Immortal magic style. His styles may be slow but he's all about damage and endurance.

Stone Demon Shen
Avatar: Tiger Shen
Alignment: Way of the Open Palm

Attribute Allocation
01. Body 3/Focus 1
02. Body 2/Focus 1
03. Balanced Distribution (1 point for each attribute)
04. Body 2/Focus 1
05. Focus 2/Body 1
06. Body 2/Focus 1
07. Balanced Distribution
08. Body 2/Focus 1
09. Balanced Distribution
10. Focus 2/Body 1

repeat from 1 at 11th level

Main Styles
White Demon (Martial)
Stone Immortal (Magic)
Tang's Vengeance (Weapon)
Spirit Thief (Unique)

Tips and Strategy
White Demon is a slow yet a powerful martial style. It will be your bread and butter from the start since nobody is safe from it (no one is immune). So, as soon as possible, try to increase its speed, and then the damage. The chi damage, you can start putting points here whenever you feel like it. Also, you may have to use Focus against fast enemies since this style is quite slow.

Stone Immortal is also the strongest magic style. It is slow, however, but its damage can make up for it. Its strong attack can also petrify enemies and, along with White Demon, can perform a harmonic combo. It's quite good when dealing with human and spirit opponents. As soon as you get to Tien's Landing, seek Mistress Vo and ask her to teach you this style. However, she'll only teach you if you follow the Way of the Open Palm and only if you beat her in combat. Once you're trained, increase everything in this style, especially the duration, since you'll be using this a lot.

Tang's Vengeance is a double axe weapon style, much like the Black Whirlwind's. It deals a great amount of damage and has a decent speed. It can easily wipe out large groups of demons, golems, and humans. You'll learn this style after defeating the Ravager, as part of the Arena quest in the Imperial City. Obtaining this style can be tricky since the Ravager, in my opinion, is the hardest opponent in the game. Once you have the style though, increase everything on it especially the speed and damage.

Spirit Thief is a unique style. It doesn't deal any damage but allows you to replenish your Chi. It is a melee style but its strong attack is range, and can paralyze an opponent for a short time as well. While this style isn't that necessary, it's quite handy to have around, it has saved me many times. So if you really want to use this, just increase its speed and duration.