Phone Upgrade

I had my phone for almost 2 years now and people are taking notice of my "big" and cumbersome phone. While I'm not particular with phones, since I only care if they work or not, I do believe that I really need to upgrade. Besides, I'm already qualified for a free, or cheap, phone upgrade if I extend my contract with T-Mobile for two more years.

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Above are my top 3 choices, compared side by side with my old phone. As of this time, I haven't decided of which phone to get. Samsung t619 is my first choice because it's light, sleek, and it's free -free is always good. My second choice would be the Nokia 6103 since it has a nice design and good battery life. However, I need to add $30 to get this phone. Motorola V195 would be my least choice. It's a simple phone with nice features and has a very long battery life. The downside is that this phone has the highest digital SAR rating (Cell Phone Radiation) of all my 3 choices. Additional rad exposure for me, since I will have this occupational hazard some time in the future, is not good.