Work Week

I started working last Monday (March 12 2007). Though it was only a week of orientation, ground tour, and policy briefings. Nothing hard really, except the sitting and listening to the speakers for hours. But I got paid for doing that, so it's nice.

I also spent one day at my department, to get some training, and had a chance to meet my co-workers. While I didn't like doing my job, because it's too repetitive, I think I will love going to my job. My co-workers seems friendly enough and my boss is quite laid back. Plus, most people in my department are females in my age group, and at least five of them were easy on the eyes.

Also, starting next week, I have to undergo training at morning shifts until I get my regular schedule in April. Which means I have to get up early everyday, earlier and more frequent during the time when I was in school and clinicals. But at least, I get paid this time. Plus, I get to work with fine and friendly ladies.