Game Preview: Overlord

Summer's here and there are plenty of games just around the bend. Although, of all these upcoming games, Triumph Studios' Overlord is the only one that will allow you to play as evil, or extremely evil. So I went on ahead, downloaded the demo, and see of how evil I can really be.

Call forth your foul Minions from the Minion Gate.

Being evil isn't that bad at all, really. It's actually quite fun and refreshing to play as a tyrannical evil overlord. Instead of killing weak rats and gibberish goblins at start of the game, you get to silence the bleating of harmless sheeps and cut down halflings. Being an overlord also has its perks. Instead of bloodying your hands, you can summon and command minions to do all the menial task, such as pillaging, looting, and killing. Minions can also be sacrificed to regain health or mana, and I believe they can also be sacrificed for many other purposes as shown in the trailer.

Let your Minions hack and slash all who opposes you.

Unlike heroes, who starts their journey at some sad village or sleeps in some local inn, evil overlords have their own stronghold. Albeit it is a rundown dark castle at the beginning, you can search for missing relics and other things to improve it. While your castle improves, you gain in strength as well. You'll learn new spells and increases the number of minions you can summon.

Cast Fireball on the wheat field and roast all the halflings hiding within.

While the gameplay has already proven to be fun and unique, it is also graphically impressive. The world is very detailed and vibrant with colors. It, somewhat, reminds me of Fable with its cartoonish art design. Although the design really fits the comical environment of the game.

Overall, I think Overlord is worth a shot. It may not be an "epic" game, but the gameplay elements are refreshing and the comical mischief is very fun.