The Latvian Blonde

I attended the Radiopharmacy and the Physics of Nuclear Medicine seminar this last weekend (June 8-10). That -seminar- left me a brain swell and set my CSF flow in reverse. The whole event was tedious. I mean, two years of Nuclear Medicine studies crammed into three days was too much to bear. Anyways, let me recount my misadventures during the three-day seminar.

I came to the hotel (Marriott Suites in Downers Grove) early, too early in fact that the saloon -where the seminar's held- was still closed. One of the hotel workers, however, opened it when she saw me hovering and wandering aimlessly at the hallway, disrupting the traffic of arriving and leaving guests. Since I was the first attendee to be inside, I was able to secure a good seat -in which the speaker won't spot me so easily for questioning.

I was alone inside the saloon for a bit, and then a burst of attendees arrived. Some of them were students who were preparing to take the boards. Most of them were old farts who were trying to jump start their memory about Nuclear Medicine. All of them were ugly, mutated by radiation. So I thought to myself: "It's going to be a very long day." At least that's what I thought, until one girl came in and sat beside me.

The girl was tall, radiant, and her silky blonde locks was a testament that she knows how to take care of herself. She introduced herself as Abigail, and her last name was something that I can't spell and pronounce without murdering it, but she told me to call her Abby. I greeted back with a whisper of my name and then I just sat there, with my senses failing, spellbound by her allure. When I finally regained all of my senses and speech function, I immediately asked her of her origin/ethnicity. She told me she's from North Carolina but came here in the US at the age of four, coming from Latvia, which, I believe, is a country near Russia or Sweden -or I could be wrong.

The morning sessions started and, being myself, of course, I wasn't listening to the speaker. I was talking to Abby about things, both useless and useful. When I learned that she's preparing to take the boards, and as board passer myself, I gave her some advice and what to expect. I also taught her a faster solution to radioactive decay problems -which are aplenty in the exams.

At lunchtime, since Abby was alone by herself and from out of town, I invited her to join me. Unfortunately, she already ordered food in the hotel -which is very expensive. So I decided to eat alone at the nearest restaurant, which is Baker's Square. After eating, I immediately went back to the hotel since was excited to meet with Abby. Sadly, when I went inside the saloon, somebody was sitting on my chair and chatting with her. The guy was tall, dark, with a muscular build and Mediterranean looks. He was, you know, your typical Fabio. Seeing that, I just muttered a curse. Then I silently retreated to nearest and darkest corner to sulk, with my mp3 player at hand.

So yeah, that was it. The first four hours was fun with Abby, but the last twenty hours was just boring. It's a good thing I have 15 GB of music on the palm of my hands, so I can just listen to it whenever I don't like the topic, else it would've been much disastrous. But at least, I earned 24 hours of continuing education credits, and I won't be losing my NMTCB license anytime soon.