Gaming on my hands

After working a couple of night shifts last week, I've decided to get myself a portable gaming device. Working at nights can be really boring since you have nothing to do. I tried things to kill time, like reading, but it only made me sleepy. I can't listen to music either since the patients are sleeping, and using headphones will interfere with my job (my primary function at night is to pick up phone calls and patient calls, with low ring volume). So that's reason why I need (actually it's more of "want" than "need") a hand-held gaming device.

I'm getting the Onyx version

This is not one of my "versus" posts, like what I did just before I bought my mp3 player and headphones (see here and here), because I know I'm getting a Nintentdo DS Lite. Although my first choice was actually a Sony PSP, and I was so sure of it. I just checked out the DS Lite when I got bored at work. But it piqued my interest, however, so I did a little research and juxtaposed both systems. PSP has great graphics and awesome multimedia support, but DS Lite have better games and can play GameBoy Advance carts as well. Since I'm more of a gamer than a graphic whore, and I already have my ZEN to play my multimedia, my comparison guide immediately scratched PSP from the list.

So there it is, my next spending project, the Nintendo DS Lite. This will be a new thing to me since I haven't played other gaming system since 2000 (not even a PS2 or GameBoy Advance), so I'm really excited. Also, new cool games are coming up this summer and BioWare (one of my favorite PC RPG developers) has just signed a deal with SEGA to create a Sonic RPG. I don't know when I can get my unit -probably early July- but I'll get it when I can.