Gaia Online

I got bored at work last night, after finishing everything, because I forgot to bring my Nintendo DS. I was looking for some stuff to do online and I remembered a site called Gaia Online. It's a nice forum where you can earn gold for your posts, and you can use that gold to dress up your avatar. I used to go there but stopped because I can't tolerate the immature and ignorant community. Anyways, with nothing else to do, I visited the website again.

Register at your own risk!

I was surprised to see the new look and features of the site. They have a lot of cool stuff going on in there. You can now earn gold by playing games, answering trivia question, or participating in RPG battles. They also have this quest system which is similar to any computer RPG. I kinda like what they have now. So I registered and gave it another go. After a couple of minutes, however, I quit. The site may have a new look and cool new features but its soul is still rotten as ever.

I still think the site is unique and cool, however. Too bad it's wasted on teenage angst.