I'm pretty much addicted to The Lord of the Rings Online (curse MMORPGs!), and I've been playing it ever since its release back in April. I also joined a role-playing Kinship (or guild), called Ashes of Rhudaur, in the Nimrodel server, shortly after I started the game. But, a couple weeks ago, I re-rolled a new character in Landroval, which is the unofficial role-playing server of the game. I like it a lot in Landroval. The people are much friendlier, more mature and a lot of them are actually role-playing.

Ghorim (Guardian/Armorer) and Ioreleth (Hunter/Woodsman)

The only setback in moving to a new server is that I'm starting out again and, since I'm unguilded, I'm not supported craft-wise and quest-wise. Finding a Kinship in Landroval will be quite difficult. It's not because there's only a few guilds in there. But it's because there's a lot of good ones to choose from. So I just can't decide. For the meantime, to support my main character, I started two alternate characters. A Dwarven Guardian/Armorer and an Elven Hunter/Woodsman. That way, I can make tools, armors, cloaks, and spears for my main character until I find a Kinship.