Kuchiki Rukia

I obtained my second anime action figure to add to my small, but growing, collection. It's Rukia from Bleach. I was excited with the toy at first since I like Bleach and Rukia is probably the most cutest anime character. However, now, I have to say that buying the figurine was an act of impulse. I didn't examine it very well because I simply want to have it in my collection. Now I'm broke.

Here are the reasons why I don't like the toy:

  1. The Stand - I wish it was just a flat, circular, and transparent stand with a small logo.
  2. Too Small - The figurine doesn't measure on a 1/8 scale.
  3. Not Detailed - There's less ruffles and crumples on her dress, and her skirt is not blown.
  4. Kon Figure - He's annoying.