Gift Card Redeemed: Once, Liars, and 23

I never had any presents this Christmas except for a $50 gift card for Best Buy...and that is more than enough for me. I was planning to redeem it for a DS or PC game but I don't know what to get since I already bought all the good ones. So I decided to get movies and music that I missed this year instead.

Once is an independent musical film, and the only musical film that makes some sense (too me at least). The characters here just don't burst out and sing without a moment's notice. The main characters (the guy and the girl) sings in appropriate scenes like when writing songs, rehearsing, or if are asked to perform. The songs here also don't tell or advance the story -like in most musicals- but rather tells how the characters feels. The stars in the film did an excellent job too. They didn't had trouble acting as an Irish singer/guitarist and a Czech singer/pianist since that's what they are in reality. As for the on-screen romantic chemistry between the guy and the girl...they didn't had problems with that either since they were actually falling in love while filming (and now they're a couple). This film felt real...is real. I actually don't know if I just watched a movie or a documentary. I highly recommend this movie for people who loves music and movies. One of the best movies this year.

I also got the albums 23 by Blonde Redhead and Liars by Liars. I haven't listened to the Liars yet but I'm really digging Blonde Redhead right now. Their music is really ethereal but is also thick as the same time. A real sonic goodness that reminds me a lot of Sonic Youth.