Two Films

There are plenty of good films out this holiday and its really hard to make a decision on which to see, especially if you're not by yourself. So, today, my indecisiveness lead me to watch two movies, National Treasure: The Book of Secrets and No Country For Old Men.

National Treasure: The Book of Secrets was kind of a...meh but it was a fun adventure movie. The format of the movie somewhat follows the prequel, like hunting for clues in old historical relics and obtaining impossible objects/persons. But the movie seems unfocused because there was just too many historical figures and locations involved. The whole cast from the first movie are all here too, with the addition of Helen Mirren (who plays Cage's Mother), and are charming, especially Diane Kruger.

No Country For Old Men, however, is probably the best movie this year. What I like the most about this film are the different types of characters. Moss, a resourceful hunter and Vietnam veteran, who happen to find a case of $2 million drug money, is on the run. Chigurh (the most badass character ever created), a sociopath hired gunman, armed with an air compressed gun and a silenced shotgun, is on Moss' heels. Bell, a lawman and WWII veteran, is after both Moss (to protect him) and Chigurh (to turn him in). All of these characters are being pitted against each other on a "prey and predator, predator turns prey" chase, a survival of the fittest game, which is highly entertaining to watch.