Gaming Grows...Again.

I forgot to post this but last month's issue of Playboy featured another set of naked female game characters, entitled "Playing Rough". This is Playboy's fourth offering since 2004 (you can also checkout the post I made in 2005). So I think it's a yearly trend for the magazine, to showcase this kind of set in their holiday issues, in participation to the "Games Rush". But anyways, here are two of the girls the was featured on the set.

On your left is Sarah Morisson, of Tabula Rasa, and the other is Morenn, of The Witcher. I didn't like any of the girls that were featured this year. Mainly because I haven't played the games except for The Witcher, and I'm still considering Tabula Rasa. Other girls are from the games The Age of Conan, Jericho, and Kane & Lynch. I wish they could've featured Kaelyn from Mask of the Betrayer or even replaced Morenn, from the Witcher, with Triss, Carmen, or Shani.