Contemporary Role-playing

The release of Titan Quest, another Diablo clone pretending to be a role-playing game, almost made me gag with it's setting. Sure, Titan Quest might not be your typical fantasy game -no elves, goblins, and orcs- since the setting is in the ancient world mythology. But still, I had enough of sword and sorcery. So instead of getting Titan Quest, and play a primitive game in a modern way, I bought a D20 Modern Core rulebook and the Urban Arcana campaign book (for $50 only), and will play a modern game in a primivite way...the pen and paper way.

D20 Modern Core

The main reasons why I got a D20 Modern Core rulebook is that I've always wanted to play a RPG in a dystopian or post-holocaust setting, and I'm already familiar with the system. D20 Modern offers a lot of materials like new feats that are appropriate in a modern/future setting, freeform character classes, and starting occupations. All materials presented in this book are very adjustable to your preference offering you freedom and control over your game.

Urban Arcana

The Urban Arcana Campaign is an alternate reality setting, where Shadowkind species (Elves, Dwarves, Orcs) walk amongst humans but can't see them for what they really are. Only a few "aware" humans can see an Orc as an Orc. I really love the concept of this setting, fantasy creatures in a modern world. Elves use rifles instead of bows, Dragons dwell in subways and sewers, and Orc clans are a bunch of biker gangs.

It's been eight years since the last time I played a pen & paper/table-top RPG with my fellow "Magickeros" at the 2nd floor of Signs & Symbols. So I really need to brush up on my role-playing skills since I'm getting back to my roots. Now if can only find a couple of people so I could begin the campaign.