Torrential Downpour

I’ve been using BitComet since 2004 to download torrent files from the internet. However, just recently, I’ve heard a lot of good things about uTorrent, which is another torrent client. So I gave it a try and was completely amazed by it.

uTorrent, or micro torrent, includes many features that are also available in other torrent clients. However, unlike other clients, it only uses a small amount of your system’s memory. When I download one file, BitComet uses 18MB of memory while uTorrent only uses around 3MB. The other cool feature in uTorrent is probably the speed guide which automatically configures your settings based on your connection speed, and also checks if your port is properly forwarded.

After using it for a couple of while, I’ve decided to use uTorrent as my default client. When it comes to features, there’s nothing much different between uTorrent and BitComet. But uTorrent’s small memory usage is a big plus for me. It helps a lot when I’m playing games while running a torrent client in the background.

Torrent and Piracy

BitTorrent’s ability to distribute large amount of, easily accessible, files have been abused and misused by a lot of people. I might be one of those people but that depends on your point of view.

Movies, music, and games are usually the popular files. A person might say that: “I can’t hurt the industry, I’m just one person”. What a person does not realize is that there are millions of people all over the world saying that. In my case, I don’t download those files. I still go to theatres and rent movies. I still buy CDs because it’s impersonal to collect a bunch of files. I’m an ardent supporter of the gaming industry, and consider downloading games as a sacrilege.

So what do I download? A bunch of anime that are not available on DVD, or aired on TV. Missed episodes of my favorite shows. Also, and of course, I download pornography. You can’t hurt the porn industry. I mean, the pornstars, directors, and any person on the set won’t lose anything since their work is already the big reward.