Reaping the Rewards II: Radeonated!

Last time, I was having a hard time choosing an item for my graduation gift. But, after much research and migraines, I finally decided to get a new graphics card and memory, which I figured out would be much use to me than a PSP or an Mp3 Player.

So today, I went to Best Buy early in the morning...make that REALLY early in the morning since I waited outside an hour before the store opened. When they finally opened, I wasted no time and proceeded to the computer area of the store. I immediately secured the items that I wanted: a 512MB PC3200 memory and the ATI Radeon X1600 PRO graphics card, and paid for them.

Upon the installment of the parts, however, I got a little bit disappointed when the service technician told me that my power supply unit is only 300 watts, and that the Radeon X1600 PRO requires at least 350 watts. I was glad that he was new and still in training. Another technician came to -rescue- me and explained that the graphics card can run at 300 watts if a system isn't loaded, and mine wasn't loaded. So he went on with the installation run a couple tests -installed and played a game and watched a couple of movies- to see if it functions properly, and it did

I hastily went home, after the successful installation of my new hardware, to try my newly buffed rig. So I loaded SpellForce 2 and all of a sudden my whole system restarted. I figured out that the problem was in the display drivers of the card, and not with my PSU. So I logged into ATI's website and downloaded newer driver versions of the graphics card, installed it, and fixed the problem.

I've been playing SpellForce 2 for hours now and, so far, I've never encountered any problems. The graphics of my games now are giving me a mesmerizing, tantalizing, and scintillating experience.