Reaping the Rewards

It's such a beautiful day. I don't need to worry about some certification exam and, today, I'm gonna claim my graduation gift. Although deciding of which doo-hickey I really want is a bit hard. So which one should I really get?

ATI Radeon X1600 PRO

My Radeon 9800 Pro died on me last March, leaving me with a 9200 card which can't run The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 2. I already missed a couple of games and I'm gonna continue missing a couple more if I don't upgrade right now. Radeon X1600 PRO seems to be my only choice since I can't find a balanced AGP card (decent price and performance). I also need to boost my memory to 1GB, which requires another 512MB of RAM. The video card and the memory, will cost me $400.

30 GB Creative Zen Vision: M

A poor man's iPod. That's what most people say about Creative's Mp3 player. I say they're a bunch of conforming nincompoops. Creative Zen Vision: M performance is at par with iPod regarding sound. But the reason I chose it is because it has longer battery life and it's more compatible with Windows. Sure the look isn't stylish and it doesn't have iTunes. But hell, who needs iTunes? The Zen costs $300

Playstation Portable

Gaming on the go! The most advance handheld device out there. Not only it's gaming device, it could also play videos and music. A perfect device for a commuter, gamer, and music enthusiast like me. But there's a couple of downsides: storage capacity and battery life. PSP only uses memory cards, and 2GB is the largest. Although there's an option to add 4GB of hard drive which costs $200. Battery life is only 4 hours, and the only solution is to buy a lot of spare batteries. The PSP and hard drive cost $400

Right now, I'm still weighing my options. I need further research on all this stuff so I won't have any regrets.