Beyond the Gates of Atrocity

3 months since graduation, 2 months after I've passed the certification boards, and, here I am, still unemployed. I'm getting worried here. I don't want to spend my birthday penniless.

On the bright side though, I'm running and playing a lot of campaigns at Role-Play Online. It takes out most of my time -besides applying for jobs- writing campaigns, house rules and character concepts, and dealing with clueless players. Recently, I've joined games based on my favorite fantasy books, Kushiel's Legacy and A Song of Ice and Fire. Of course, I'm still running my post-apocalyptic campaign, Children of the ARK, which is doing quite well.

In addition, I also bought D20 Future Tech and D20 Cyberscape and started a cyberpunk campaign, Beyond the Gates of Atrocity, which will start tomorrow (8/21/2006). I knew fully well that running a cyberpunk game was inevitable since my mood was very dystopian for the last couple of months. I've put a lot of thought into this game, especially the story and the world creation, which were heavily influenced by the Deus Ex game and Transmetropolitan comics.

Even though I enjoy being unemployed at the moment, and running RPG campaigns, I do hope I'd find a job sooner.