Perfect 9

Last month, I complained about Playboy having unnatural models, and because of that, I switched to Penthouse. Just this morning, when I went to submit an application to a certain hospital, I came across a nice little bookstore that sells Perfect 10, a men’s magazine reputed for showcasing natural women in its pages.

I got the magazine, of course, since I’ve been looking for it for years. The magazine is really scarce and hard to find. Since it’s not that popular, not many bookstores or newsstand are willing to sell it. If they do sell it, however, it’s only in limited quantities. Also, it’s hard to find a copy because the issue is released quarterly, so there’ll be only four issues in a year. Furthermore, you can’t find free pictures –free passwords to their website- on the net, ever since Perfect 10 sued Google for not blocking their images on the search engine.

The content of the magazine is quite true and their reputation is well earned. The women are naturally young and beautiful, especially the ones from Eastern Europe, with firm and rounded breasts, and tight bodies. The poses are also simple and lacks certain appeal but is more focused on delivering the natural beauty and sexiness of their models. They also have a handful of models -12 in this current issue- although some have only four spreads in the magazine. While the magazine contains women with smoking bodies, the articles were a lackluster. There were only interviews –of people I don’t know or care about- and some crappy short stories, and no reviews of any sort.

I am pleased with Perfect 10 overall. The models are beautiful with natural bodies and nice breasts. The articles, however, were crap. If only they’d get rid of their articles and spread their pages with more pictures of beautiful women, I’d give this magazine perfect score of 10. For now, I'm sticking with Penthouse and giving Perfect 10 a score of 9.