First Impressions: Darkstar One

It has been a silent summer in regards to PC gaming, at least to me. The only game I got this season was SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars. However, the silence is over and Darkstar One is here.

Darkstar One is a space simulation game, which are very scarce nowadays. The gameplay of Darkstar One is much similar to Freelancer, from trading to its mission systems. Moreover, like Freelancer, and to my delight, it doesn't require the use of a joystick and can be controlled by a mouse. The interface, however, seems a bit awkward and I'm learning it not as fast that I had hoped.

All in all, Darkstar One is a very enjoyable game and I could see myself blasting my time away with it while waiting for jobs. I'll play it a little bit more and maybe I'll write a review sooner.