EA Games buys BioWare :(

I consider it an ill omen whenever I see an Electronic Arts (EA) logo on an intro of a game. Because I know I'll only be disappointed. But seeing an EA logo before a BioWare logo on a game is a nightmare. That nightmare is now real since, according to IGN.com, "...it [EA] has purchased the holding company that owns BioWare and Pandemic Studios".

EA is notoriously known for buying development studios, and then watering down the franchises of those studios. Origin System and its Ultima series (one of the most beloved RPG franchise) would be the best example of that. After EA acquired Origin, not only did they released a poorly and hastily developed Ultima VIII and IX but they also cancelled most of Origin's projects.

As a computer role-play gamer, I don't see a lot of good CRPGs anymore. But it's a comfort that developers such as Obsidian and BioWare are still around. Because, I know, I can count on them and their games. But now this: BioWare, one of the best RPG developers, being phagocyted by a bad publisher like EA...unspeakable horror. I won't be surprised if BioWare cancels Dragon Age and stops making RPGs for the PC.