Frugal Muse

We drove to Darien, this afternoon, to celebrate my sister's birthday at a nice Chinese buffet restaurant. After we finished eating (a lot, I might add, because I'm still stuffed to the neck), I walked around the nearby strip mall and saw an austerely looking bookstore named Frugal Muse. With nothing else to do, I entered the store and boy I was surprised.

Frugal Muse -colloquially known as "thrifty source of inspiration"- is an apt name for the gaudy bookstore. Because there was just piles and piles of cheap books inside. I was overwhelmed by the amount and variety of their stock and their low prices. Unfortunately, I didn't had much time to stick and browse around. Nevertheless, I was there long enough to get two books, Guitar For Dummies and The Book of Five Rings.

I got the Guitar For Dummies for only $18 and The Book of Five Rings for $2. I would've spent an extra $14 for the books if I bought it at Borders or Barnes & Nobles. Anyways, Guitar for Dummies is a book with a wide range of guitar topics. Hopefully, this will help me improve my guitar playing. The Book of Five Rings is philosophical book about strategy written by Miyamoto Musashi. I've read the book about Musashi before, and I liked it, so I thought I'd read his writings too.


Bookmeister Dave said...

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