Musashi's Winning Strategy

I bought a book written by Miyamoto Musashi, entitled The Book of Five Rings, yesterday. Musashi is probably one of the greatest Samurai in the 16th-17th century Japan. He developed the two-swords style of fighting and have never lost a duel. I knew about to him when I read the book Musashi, a historical fiction about his life, by Eiji Yoshikawa. I was quickly enamored with him. Of how he handles life's challenges and his eagerness to learn from everything. I was really glad that Musashi wrote this book in order share his wisdom to all of us.

I started reading Musashi's book but it seems I can't get past of the first page, especially when I read the 9th line of his winning strategy: "Do not engage in useless activity". I've been contemplating about this line and I think I've wasted a lot of time doing unproductive things. Like browsing profiles in Friendster or MySpace, watching a TV show that I don't even like, or sleeping too much. I better stop doing these things and instead start applying the 3rd line: "Cultivate a wide range of interest in the arts".

Playing the guitar and writing are the only productive things I'm doing right now. Well, playing PC games can be productive. But that's a rare occurrence with the kind of games on the market. I'll probably develop my cooking skills since I love doing it. If I manage to save some money, I'll buy a digital SLR camera and get into photography as well. As of late, I haven't done a lot of reading too . I think I've only read three books this year. So I'll also get back into it.