First Impressions: Mask of the Betyrayer

I finally got some quality time to play, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer, the whole day today. Though I must admit that, at first, the game didn't start that well with me. It left me with too many questions of how, and why, my character came to be in the expansion. But as I kept playing, answers started coming, and the story and role of my character became more clear.

All out rumble, in black in white color.

As for the gameplay, there are few notable additions to it but not much have changed. 2 new base classes and an impressive line of new prestige classes. My favorite would probably be the Sacred Fist prestige class. But none of my exported characters from the original campaign meets the requirement to become a Sacred Fist. But I was quite happy that the Invisible Blade class would immensely improve my oldest RPG character, Xaeon (from the inception of D&D 3rd edition and Neverwinter Nights days).


Rita said...

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