First Impressions: Galactic Civilizations II

Three more weeks until I graduate! That's why I've been busy in the past few weeks -writing resumes, studying for the boards and the Illinois Constitution test, doing proficiency sheets, and preparing for my presentation. But now, that some of them are out of the picture, I need to unwind and got myself a game.

Dreamfall was the game that I wanted. Unfortunately, my current graphics card won't be able to run that game. Instead, I got Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords. I haven't played the first Galactic Civlizations because, for some reasons, I can't find a copy of it. But Dread Lords is very impressive and is similar to Civilizations series, the most celebrated turn-based strategy game. Except it's only sci-fi themed and has a couple of fun features.

Like Civilization, you always start out small and primitive. In Galactic Civilizations case, small and primitive is a colony ship that carries a tiny number of people and a scout ship that doesn't go to far. But as your civilization expands -through economics, research, or other methods, you will be able to upgrade or design your own ships that will be faster, powerful, and with longer range.

You'd be able to choose your own alignment. Sometimes, when your civilization grows bigger, or if you colonize a planet, a problem will arise -in a form of text question- and you will be asked to reach a decision. You have three options and each will change your alignment (Good, Neutral, and Evil). You can gain or lose something depending on your answers but I don't really know how it affects the game as a whole.

I find Galactic Civilizations II fun and addicting. Just like Civilizations, it gives you the "one more turn oh my god it's morning already" syndrome. I just hope I'd be able to steer clear from it since I need to study for the board and final exams.