Milking Fantasy

Back in 1997, they released the game Final Fantasy VII on Playstation and on the PC. It was a very good game with depth and character, and its probably the best in the Final Fantasy series. Almost 10 years later (wow, such a long time ago) they released a sequel in form of a movie. Since I loved the game, I was compelled to buy the DVD, last Tuesday (April 25th). So I watched it, was blown away by the action scenes, and scratched my head at the ending.

The story is shallow, whatsoever, and doesn't present any transitions or developments from the video game. The origins of Kadaj and his brothers, the villains in the movie, were never given any depth because, as Vincent said, "You don't wanna know". The other characters from the video game also appeared from out of nowhere to battle Bahamut without any explaination of how they came. They're just there to revive the crumbling camaraderie with the fans of the series.

The art and animation of the movie, however, is stupendous. Cloud's new bike and sword is cool looking. The 3D version of Tifa never looked so good, but I would have liked her better if they eschewed, or just unzip, the leather vest so she could sport her lovely...tank tops. The fighthing scenes were astounding to watch. Although sometimes it gets too fast and intense that it raises my heart beat to the point I wanted to inject atropine on myself.

At this point, I don't know what to say about this movie. I hate the story, if there's one, but I love watching it and Tifa within it. But the whole DVD package is great. It includes game trailers, the making of the movie, and a story digest from the Final Fantasy VII game -great for those who haven't played the game.