Of Mice and Ghosts

Here's some graphic novels that I've just recently read.


Kwaidan, which translates to ghosts in English, is set in 14th century Japan. A faceless orphan and a blind painter are both being used by a ghostly samurai and princess to fulfill their own destiny. Some people would say that the story is complex, but I'd say the it's poorly translated or really muddy. The story just left me too many questions after reading it. The artwork is amazing though, and -as a japanese graphic novel- it steers clear from the "standard" manga art style.

Maus: My Father Bleed's

Maus is one of the best and important graphic novel I've read so far. It's both a comic book and a memoir about the most horrific man-made tragedy. Art Spiegelman, a comic illustrator that resides in New York, tells the tale of his father -about surviving the holocaust. It is very realistic and personal since it is told on the account of one person and his struggle to survive. The graphic novel also showcases the effects on the survivors and their family to this date. I'd suggest this comic to people who loved The Diary of Anne Frank or The Pianist.