10,000 and 3 Days: A Music Review

Tool - 10,000 Days
(9.0 of 10)

It felt like I've been waiting and anticipating for 10,000 days for Tool's latest work to be released. Now that their fourth album, 10,000 Days, is out, it will take me another 10,000 days to listen to it since most of the songs are seven minutes long.

The intro song "Vicarious" will immediately get and hold your attention with a viselike grip. You'll know by then that you're listening to Tool and, yet, something new. The next track "Jambi" sounds very ethereal. "10,000 Days" and "Rosetta Stoned" are the epic power rock in this album. The metal whrilwind "The Pot" is probably my favorite in the album. There also a lot of soundscape fillers, namely the "Lost Keys".

As for the members, they sound that they are in good shape. The ever eloquent Maynard James Keenan sings in a spirit-like voice. The rest of the band still works together in harmony. Daney Carey is a sterling drummer as ever, and Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor still got the old riffs but left some room to dabble and expirement with other things.

The only thing I can complain about Tool is probably the packaging. Yes, it's quite unique and artful, but it's not functional. I can't close the lid, and I can't pull the disc out without damaging it on the staples holding the artful booklet. Other than that, it's a very impressive album.

Other Reviews

Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
(8.7 of 10)

The title of their new release speaks for itself. It's more louder now with a lot of good guitar riffs unleashed and a little bit less of the emo sound, but the lyrics are still full of it. Most of the songs here, like "What's it Feel Like to be a Ghost?" and "Miami" pays homage to new wave rock. Louder Now, I conclude, is a great Taking Back Sunday album with a whole different approach.

Bullets and Octane - In the Mouth of the Young
(8.3 of 10)

In the Mouth of the Young is produced by Page Hamilton of Helmet, so there's a lot of Helmet influence here but their sound is truly their own. It's energized hardcore -in your face- punk with lots and lots of guts and balls. If you want some fun, pick up In the Mouth of the Young.

People in Planes - As Far as the Eye Can See
(8.7 of 10)

Another UK band which music is comparable with Muse and Radiohead -with a little bit of Dredg. The vocalist sounds like Thom Yorke sometimes, especially in the track "If You Talk Too Much". Although most of their songs are alternative radio friendly, there are some tracks that had cleary undergone expirementation, especially the epic track "Narcoleptic" that showcases great flanging guitar riffs.