I never play online multiplayer games. For me, it's just too hostile. Galactic Civilizations II's Metaverse, however, is of a different sort. Although Metaverse is a multiplayer option, it doesn't put you on a head-to-head competetion with another angst-filled gamer on the other side of the line. Instead, you compete with scores.

Here's how it works. Basically, you just join a Metaverse game and it will directly connect you to their server. Then, after that, you just play as if you were playing a single-player game, without the hissing and bragging of an angst-filled gamer on the other side of the line. After you finish playing a game, you'll be able to submit your score in the Metaverse database. Then the database will calculate the total average of your score and will give you a rank. If you have a high rank, then you can go to the game's official forum and brag about it.

One other thing, you can also join an empire and your scores will be added to that empire. It's also a fun thing. So if you want to build and start an empire, or already have one, I would love to join it.

Anyways here's my Metaverse account. it's not much but I'm working on it.