Bundles of Fun II

Last February, I posted Bundles of Fun, which lists a of couple must-haves cheap bundled games. Since I'm done with school - and I'm unemployed at the moment- I need to catch up with a lot of games I missed while I was studying. Here's a list of cheap bundled games that I'm gonna dig into right after I finish taking my board certification exams.

Sacred: Gold Edition

I always kept an eye on Sacred during its development but I wasn't able purchase the game due to financial reasons. But all is great since they released a bundle which also includes Sacred Plus and Sacred Underworld, for the price of $10

Disciples II: Gold Edition

Disciples is my favorite turn-based strategy. However, I almost missed out on its sequel. Fortunately, they released a gold bundle which includes all of the three expansions: Servants of the Dark, Guardians of the Light, and Rise of the Elves, for only $20.

Medieval: Total War - Battle Collection

Based on their popularity, the Total War is good series. Unfortunately, I only played Shogun. Since Rome: Total War Gold is a bit pricey, I'm going to settle with Medieval: Total War - Battle Collection. The collection costs $20 and includes the Viking Invasion expansion.

Battlefield 1942: The Complete Edition

Shooters are not my forte. That's the sole reason why I avoid buying them at a high cost. But now that Battlefield 1942's price has dropped to $20, I think I'm gonna try it. The bundle also includes the two expansions: Road to Rome and Secrets Weapons of World War II; and Battlefield Vietnam.