I Need Heroes

While the dry spell in the RPG gerne isn't lifted -yet- I'm just glad that there have been a handful releases of turn-based strategy games. First, it was Civilization IV which was, pretty much, the cause of my stress and poor performance in school last semester. Then there were these two great space strategy games Space Rangers 2: The Dominators and Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords. And next week, the return of a turn-based strategy legend, Heroes of Might and Magic V, under the new development of Nival Interactive, one of a few game studios that I trust when it comes to turn-based strategy games.

For the meantime, since It's a week wait until the release of HoMM V, I just loaded up HoMM IV to sate my appetite. I got the game four years ago but I only remember finishing one -out of six- campaign. Well, five more campaigns should be enough to keep me occupied. Maybe, if I finish playing the game, I'll write some sort of a retro review.