Cheap Chicago

I found a nice record store in downtown Chicago called Rock Records. They have the best music bargain bins with CD's as low as $6. They also have a lot of console games and PC games for as low as $3. I only had $15 in my person but I didn't realize that it would go far.

Two CDs : $12

I got the first debut of Down and Faith No More's The Real Thing. They might be old but they're great albums that defined the 90's for me. Sure, I could've just downloaded an mp3 if I felt nostalgic but that's just impersonal. Besides the CD's cost $6 each.

A PC Game: $3

Rock Records probably has the cheapest unused games. Albeit they have a worst selection of cheap games. Tribes: Venegeance, however, is by no means bad. It's probably one of the best first-person shooter I've played up to date.