Non-RPG RPGs. What the hail?

Someone decided to become the god of role-playing and wrote an article about non role-playing games, that are role-playing games. While I haven't played some of the games listed in the article, I still consider it bullcrap based on the ones I played.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

"Yet Blizzard managed it by the introduction of Hero Classes - powerful, unique units that could keep inventories, learn new abilities, and level up as you progress through a campaign with numerous side-quests available." -- eToychest

What a moron. First it was Warlords: Battlecry that introduced the hero system to the real-time strategy game. I've told and explained it to a thousand of peoples about a thousand times by now. While inventories, abilities, and leveling up is a trademark of role-playing games, it's not the essential element of role-playing.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

"The Grand Theft Auto games have always been fairly open, but it is in the state of San Andreas that you could really play a role." -- eToychest

There's a fine line between playing a role and role-playing. Playing A role is somewhat pre-determined and written, like an actor reading a script. Role-playing is much more open for improvisation.

Deus Ex

"...the world of Deus Ex is as robust and varied as the best RPGs in the market, rife with character interactions, as well as actual conversations that can influence your progression through the game and net you helpful items. Couple that with [...] a skill system that allows you to customize your abilities, and you're about as far from the standard run-and-gun FPS." -- eToychest

You know why? Because Deus Ex is a role-playing game. Not a non-RPG role-playing game but a role-playing game. Speaking of which, I've installed this game just last Sunday and having a blast.

So, non-RPG RPGs does not exist, and the statement is a paradox. There's only role-playing, none other. Once again, this article is bullcrap. Printing and wiping my ass with this article is not even worth.