New Life on the Penthouse

Every 12 year old male always seeks out adventure in their own backyard. Mostly raiding their dad's drawers and cabinets -while wearing nothing- when they are home alone. That was my case at least. I've been raiding my dad's magazine collection since I was 12 and looking at the pages of naked women, disregarding the articles. Naked women, that's the only thing I cared about in men's magazine. I didn't care if they were ugly or posing in sluty way as long as they have no clothes on.

As I got older though, I started to prefer Playboy more than any other magazine because the women are more classier, prettier, sexier, and they pose in an artsy way. Magazines like Penthouse and Hustler are more trashy -I still look at it, I just prefer Playboy. I also started buying Playboy when I paid attention to its good articles. The other two, mentioned earlier, only compensates with more sleazy pictorials. Lately, however, I realized that the pages of Playboy have been invaded by a lot of silicone augmented college girls. The pictures are still classy and the women are still pretty but they lack certain flavor.

So today, I tried a Penthouse Magazine and I was truly surprised of how they've changed. The girls are much prettier, sexier, and natural than most of the girls in Playboy. Their pictorials, they still show a little bit more than Playboy but in a not-so-sleazy way than they used to be. The articles are much more unbiased and real. I especially love the review section which covers mainstream and underground music; books, comics, and graphic novels; and gaming. They also have great interviews from metal bands like Avenged Sevenfold -which you won't find anywhere in Playboy.

So now I decided to switch to Penthouse. The music and gaming reviews alone are worth...nah, it's the pretty and natural naked women that greatly affected my decision to switch.