D20 Apocalypse: Children of the A.R.K.

I've finally started my first campaign as a Game Master at role-play.net. The campaign is entitled D20 Apocalypse: Children of the A.R.K. and it's using a nuclear post-apocalytic setting. I'm using a couple of D20 Modern supplement books: D20 Apocalypse, D20 Ultramodern Firearms, and D20 Future for the setting, feats, mutations, and equipment.

I posted the campaign early in the forum, with only the game information and setting, because I thought getting players were slow but I was wrong. All three character slots for the campaign where filled within 8 hours, and I didn't write anything, not even the first chapter, to start with. So I just started with a prologue but it's really going well. My players are good at role-playing and they constantly post. Now, I'm starting to think that maybe I'll add two more players for this game.