Everything ZEN

In my previous post, I mentioned that I got an mp3 player (Creative ZEN Vision:M) with a broken battery, and that I have to wait for Best Buy to have the item in stock so I could replace it. Well, after two agonizing weeks, I finally got my item swapped with a working one. I must say that it is one fine mp3 player.

Enlightenment through ZEN.

As to why I chose the ZEN is simple: the file support and the features. As a Windows user, I was really looking for a video/mp3 player with WMV and DivX support, and only the ZEN has that capability. In addition, it also supports audio file like WMA and WAV, and photo files like JPEG and BMP. The features aren't bad either. The screen is amazing, my photos and videos never looked so vibrant. It's easy to use with all the buttons that functions similarly to a mouse. It also has some nice features like voice recording (this will be handy when I go back to school), FM tuner, and organizer.

On the downside, however, the design is really grotesque. It's thick, probably the thickest hard drive mp3 player in the market right now. It also scratches easily, and it's even more visible on the black player. Plus, the black player also looks ridiculous with its white back. The vertical touch pad is also quite sensitive, which can be somewhat annoying at times. There's a way to adjust its sensitivity but there's only three options (high, medium, low) which don't do much at all.

ZEN in a box and Dlo leather case.

But all in all, with its design flaws, I still love my player because it delivers and has exceeded my expectations. Now, all I have to do is fill it up with music and anime fansubs. I already started ripping my albums, so I only have a couple of stuff in it (Tool, Faith No More, Fugazi, The Mars Volta and some Samurai Champloo episodes to be specific).