Philips SHE-9500

My budget for this month has pulled a big stop sign already. So, to my dismay, I won't be able to treat my ears with aural candies until next month -or two months from now. However, in my impoverished state, practical sense kicked in and I found cheap earphones ($30) that delivers sterling sonic, the Philips SHE-9500.

The SHE-9500 is an In-Ear (IE) sound isolating earphones. From what I heard, IE headphones are quite uncomfortable. I, however, took in to these things immediately (I used both medium and small rubber tips), without any awkwardness. That's kind of weird because I find regular ear-buds to be very uncomfortable. The sound isolation of the headphones block sounds in lower decibels, such as small talking crowds or footsteps, but its effectiveness diminishes against a car engine.

I'm also satisfied with its sound. Using my ZEN Vision:M mp3 player, different audio/video files, and headphones, I tried to compare the sound of SHE-9500.


  • Creative ZEN Vision:M Earphones
  • Sony MDR g52
  • Tool - "Schism" (320 Bit Rate)
  • Mastodon - "Blood Mountain" (320 Bit Rate)
  • Thursday - "Understanding in a Car Crash" (320 Bit Rate)
  • Team Sleep - "Ever" (256 Bit Rate)
  • The Mars Volta - "Drunkship of Lanterns" (320 Bit Rate)
  • Appleseed (742 Bit Rate)
  • Batman Begins (DVD)
The notable difference between the SHE-9500 and my other headphones is the clean, clear, crisp sounds. Since it isolate sound, you can listen to music without pumping the volume and distorting it. The bass is not that strong, however, especially in "Drunkship of Lanterns" and the action sequences in my Videos. Don't get me wrong though, the bass is there, and I find it suitable, but it might turn-off bass lovers.

Well there it is. I won't say that the SHE-9500 is the best low-priced earphones, however, due to lack of better comparison. But, overall, I'm very satisfied with it. I mean, its cheap, it works, and it sticks to my ear comfortably. I just wish it's tangle free.