Your unit has arrived!

Step down Supreme Commander, move along Company of Heroes, because after 9 long years Starcraft 2 is finally here. Yeah, you heard me right, Blizzard announced their next game, last May 19, at the Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational. So it's official, not just a rumor, and I've been following all the details (PC.IGN has put together a nice list) about it.

I've been watching videos -cinematic trailers and game demo- of Starcraft 2 on IGN and YouTube, and it made me really excited about the new units and abilities. So far, most new units that have been unveiled are from the Protoss. The old units are still here too, albeit they pack a few new punches. Here are a some snippets that I liked:

"Zerglings: Yes, we know, the Zerglings aren't new, but they do get a new ability in StarCraft 2. Each one of these little monsters can be ordered to enter a brief transition state, mutating into suicidal bombs. In the bomb state, Zerglings roll across the landscape and take on a greenish hue, and prove particularly deadly."
I'm the Zerg guy, and I love my Zerglings. But I have to admit they become useless fodders at the end of the game. So mutating them into green rolling bombs is indeed a nice ability.
"Zealot: Right, Zealots aren't new, but their charge ability is. Blizzard wanted to make the psi-blade wielders more effective at chasing down fleeing foes, or quickly closing in on ranged attackers. The charge allows them to rapidly advance a short distance, and works as a passive ability."

Zealot Artwork

The fanatic psi-blade wielders are already tough as they come out from the box. But with this added charge -and passive, I might add- ability will make them even more difficult to deal with.
"Mothership: Only one of these can be present on the battlefield at a time. They have three powerful abilities, the first of which is called Time Bomb. Unleashing this attack surrounds the ship in a translucent spherical field capable of stopping incoming missiles. When the field times out, the missiles drop to the ground like harmless Tic-Tacs. The second ability, called Planet Cracker, fires a battery of laser beams (the Protoss like lasers, apparently) at the ground, quickly wiping out whatever's lurking underneath the ship. This ability is particularly useful because the mothership can be ordered around while the Cracker fires, acting like a tornado through a trailer park. The final ability is Black Hole, which, as you might expect, tears a hole in the fabric of "insert nerdy science-fiction term" and actually sucks in whatever units surround it. In the demonstration we saw Blizzard trigger a black hole around about four Terran Battle Cruisers, wiping them out within a few seconds."
I saw how this baby work in the video, it made me really excited. Especially the use of Planet Cracker ability, which reminds me of the movie independence day. Yeah, this unit is one bad UFO.

Well that's about it, for now at least. The game will be released on October 2007. So I need to start saving right now because, I know, October-December are full of excellent game releases.