Album Review: Alopecia

Why? - Alopecia
8.5 of 10

So I bought Alopecia, the latest album of the band Why?, a couple weeks ago. I listened to it, liked it, and wanted to write a review of it. Unfortunately, writing a review proved to be difficult because I can't clearly describe their sound. To start it off Why? sounds like an indie folk band, much in the veins of The Nationals, except that they had gone awry and they rap. Yes, an indie-folk band that raps. It may sound weird but the music is undeniably cool. Odd drumbeats and even oddly plucked acoustic riffs that makes you want to sit outside the porch, on a hammock, while you take in to the breeze. On top of that, both of Yoni Wolf's lyrics and performance puts a lot of imagery in your head like a mind movie -some are good but some are convoluted. So far, Alopecia is one of the best album I've heard this year. I highly recommend it.