Chemistry Trading Card Game

I love trading card games but I hate chemistry. I used to waste all of my time and money just to keep my deck of Magic: The Gathering cards in shape. I do remember also that I failed chemistry in high school and got a C -which is my lowest grade- in college. Now, here comes a 14-year old boy, Anshul Samar, who invents Elementeo, a trading card game based on real chemistry. Here's a little snippet about the game:

"Elementeo is a strategic battle game where you use your elements across the battlefield in reducing opponent’s electrons to zero. You do that by harnessing the strength and moving properties of the elements and compounds, and by using their reactionary powers. For example, Oxygen can rust any neighboring metal or Copper Conductor can shock any metals and send them back to the deck."
It looks and sounds a lot of fun, huh? If there's anyway for me (or many others) to learn chemistry, then Elementeo is probably the most effective way.